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Thursday, September 14, 2006


Thought I'd post a little something, because it's soo cheesy. But the song is sooo catchy!
[It'll be at the end of the blog]

That's all I had to post.
Only 1 week 2 days to go!

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Well hello thar.

Sorry for lack of updates - not a lot has happened in my life at this precise moment, so I thought I'd just update it for now to show you lot I'm not abandoning my blog!

Well I move to Edinburgh in 3 weeks time - excited, but nervous at the same time. And I have fresher's week at Heriot-Watt University from the 25th, so should be good. Apparently got Infernal playing during that - so that might be a good thing to see.

I officially leave work next Saturday. Been there for 4 years, and I need a career change. Bad. Today went in, and had to work 8:30am til 8pm as the store is now closed for 10 days for a refit. I finished at 7:10pm instead as we had it all done by then. So thank god I finish next week!

Ok, I'll tell you what is happening this week;

Got a team-bonding session for work at 10am at the local golf club. 10 til 4 - paid, free lunch - why complain eh? Gonna be boring though...

Day off. Woo

Same as Tuesday

Allowed back into the store. So working 2pm til 9pm - putting things out on the shelves so all is ready for the following week!

Doing 9 til 6, probably doing the same as Thursday. PAY DAY!

Doing 9 til 6, dunno what's happening. LAST DAY!

Doing bugger all.

Then following week (11th Sept) I'm off to see Scott in Scotland, for a week. Then I'm back home for a day, then moving to Edinburgh.

So I got a busy month ahead...

Well cheerio. Gotta love and leave ya's.


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

This Week

Yo peeps.
As again I'm so sorry for not updating - been sooo busy!
Anyway, not a lot has happened really....

Er, met Grant and David last Thursday in Oxford which was good - great to meet peeps from CPC forums anyway.

That's it really, met my mate yesterday, not a lot happened.

I haven't really done anything interesting this week LOL.


Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sorry for not updating.

Hey peeps,
I'm sooo sorry for not updating - I've been on holiday for 2 weeks in Scotland. Ok here's me update now so Dave can shut up. =P

10th July
Woke up at 6am, got ready, then at 7am, walked to the train station - which is roughly a 20 minute walk, or a 30 minute walk with a suitcase lol. Anyway, arrive at the station at about 7:30am, walked to the platform for my train. 7:45am my train to Basingstoke leaves Salisbury. Arrive at Basingstoke at around 8:30am, go to platform 4 and sat down for a bit.
Then at 8:47am, my train to Newcastle arrives. Jump on, and sat down. Was tad boring - but then journeys are haha. Arrive at Newcastle at 2:40pm, and waited for me train to Inverness. Phoned Scott to let him know that the train to Inverness is delayed! By 15 minutes...
So train arrives, get on. Get to Inverness at 8:40pm - 30 minutes late. Scott's standing there - bless.
Get back to his - stayed in the rest of the night. Chilled out... the usual.

11th July
We stayed in most of the day if I remember. Or did we go to Inverness? I can't remember.

12th July
Went to Inverness - got Starbucks. Love it. I'm addicted to their Tropical Citrus Blended Tea. Yum. Bought MacUser Mag. Not much really.

13th July
Stayed in I think. Bored probably haha.

14th July
Pay day. Went to Inverness, paid me bills etc. Bought a lovely Starbucks again.. haha.

15th July
Went to Inverness again. Stayed there til 5pm. Went to ClanLAN - had a bit of fun on CS:S

16th July
MY BIRTHDAY WOOHOO. Well, stayed in most of the day. Didn't do much. Got £20 from Scott's parents, and a pen too.

17th July
Went to Aquadome with Scott's sister Lauren. Was fun. Got a few bruises at the end of it, but was great. Went shopping in Inverness with her too. Bought some bits n bobs.

18th July
Stayed in I think.

19th July
SCORCHING HOT! Me & Lauren sunbathed on the trampoline for a bit, then got dressed into our swimming cossies, and got the sunbeds and the paddling pool out.
Amanda then came over, had a water fight and stuff.

20th July
Sunbathed again. Clio & Becky came round, so hanged out with them with Lauren for a bit.

21st July
Came home :(

22nd July
Work. Work. Work. Work. Thunderstorm. Work. Work.

Today - work :(

There lol.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Updates for this week

Well I haven't posted in nearly a week - been a tad busy! Well here's me weekly update then!

1st July
Saturday so I had to start work at 8:30am, was boring all day... got annoyed with me credit and debit cards cos they BOTH got rejected at work so I couldn't buy a snack for break. So I starved... Had to teach a new girl on the tills cos she had only started the day before - she's quite good at it, methinks she's got her skills from her eldest sister cos she works with me too - but on Maternity leave. Came home at 6pm, did bugger all for the rest of the evening.
2nd July
Went to work at 10am as I started early due to a run later in the day - but more on that in a moment. Well started work at 10, stayed on tills cos I had nothing else to do really... Er yeah. Met sister and her boyfriend Andy at 1pm when I finished work.
Walked to the Athletics track, sorted self out, put number thingy on my shirt, then went to the middle of the field - where we had to do aerobics! That was our warm up - I hate aerobics...
Anyway then at 2:20pm, we got split into 2 groups - Runners & Walkers. So off I went to the Runners side, then got led to the Start Line, and the Walkers behind us - they don't wanna be squashed eh?!
At 2:30pm, off we go. Running down the track slowly of course, run past sister and Andy, clapped me off - then outside the arena, ran down the alleyway they have for walkers around that place (outside leisure centre). Ran through the housing estate - people watching us! Then it comes to the hard part - Hudsons Field. We had to run the whole way round! 1.5 miles! Anyway I walked this part - a local Caravan Site had a hosepipe and kept it running while we walked through cos it was 31C!
Then once all the way round - we got back to the housing estate - run around, then down another alleyway - then through some fields, then back to the arena! Ran past sister again, sprinted to the end. 44 minutes and 13 seconds - not bad for me who did absoutely no training. Got a medal at the end;

I enjoyed the experience overall. I raised £108 for Cancer Research UK for doing this run. I was absolutely shattered by the end of it!!

3rd July
Day off for me it was - yay! So I stayed at home most of the day - then met Kazz at 3:30pm, walked around for a bit, then went home. Browsed MacUser forums etc.

4th July
Well I had work - 2pm til 6pm. Did bugger all really. Had to fill drinks - which took me most of me shift - was boring. Couldn't be arsed cos it was too hot for me!

And today! Got woken up by thunderstorm at 8:30am - couldn't sleep afterwards. Didn't do much, went online at 11am - waited for Scott. Erm, went to work at 2pm - the usual. Had loads of foreigners coming into work today - they bug me. Too hot. Doing nothing at the moment. Bored.

God this is the longest blog entry I've EVER made!


Friday, June 30, 2006

Life of Louise - On her day off.

Well today is Friday, and Friday means a day off from work woo. So today, me and my mate decided to hang out at her place. First she picked me up from home, and went into town, and got annoyed at the drivers! Was hilarious. Erm, we first went into Woolworths (my work), and bought 2 bottles of water, some ice cube thingys and some plastic cups. Then went to WHSmiths so she could buy some mags, a DVD and a CD.

Then we went back to the car and drove to Waitrose, got some munchies for our lil' pig out in her garden cos of the lovely weather. Got back to her house, then popped to Co-op cos we forgot Jam for the Scones. Came back to her house - sat outside and had our sandwiches. Chatted about some bits and bobs - had a laugh bout a girl who went to the same school as us, she was a funny person (to take the mick out of..).

Went inside, went onto The Sims for a bit cos we thought it'd be a laugh. She got me abducted by aliens. And got me to have a kid with the Grim Reaper... damn her.

Anyway that's all I've done so far today. Just got home really lol. Off to work tomorrow - fun. Working 8:30 til 6!



Thursday, June 29, 2006


Well, here's my blog. The ramblings of moi - Louise. So I thought I'd do this after seeing some peeps on a forum I attend start one, so here's mine. Heh.

About myself, I'm Louise, I'm 19 years of age, and I live in Wiltshire. I spend most of my time either on the CustomPC/MacUser forums, or being an idiot. My hobbies include, talking to my boyfriend, music, footie, PCs and hanging out with me mates.

So er, yeh.

Today, went to work at 2pm for 4 hours, was boring. Too hot in Salisbury today methinks. Came home at 6pm, haven't done much since coming home really. Just chillin' out. I'm too hot to do anything - absolutely boiling.

Anyway laterz.